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VIDEO: On Display at FABTECH, Vol. 1

Here is a look at some of the products and services that will be on display at the FABTECH conference Nov. 11-14 in Chicago at McCormick Place:


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Here is a look at some of the products and services that will be on display at the FABTECH conference Nov. 11-14 in Chicago at McCormick Place:

Therma-Tron-X’s Automated Conveyor Carrier material handling systems incorporate a wireless network to send instructions to individual carriers throughout a paint line. Carriers are hung on an overhead I-beam rail and propelled using an adjustable friction drive wheel. The system is equipped with automatic charging stations located along the path and units can be swapped out with spares for easy maintenance. The ACC systems are much cleaner and quieter than traditional conveyors and can be programmed to perform various tasks at various locations.

Atotech’s paint pretreatment and paint removal products are designed for a variety of applications, and include UniPrep long-life, low-temperature cleaners and Master Remover paint removal technology.

Caplugs’ plastic plugs are designed to protect fabricated components during shipping or storage, and can serve as finishing parts to remain securely on end products.

Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions specializes in manufacturing custom and standard finishing equipment, including paint and powder booths, ovens, preparation equipment, air makeup units and accessories.

Parker Ionics' Parker Proficy is the 4th generation of its pulse power corona charging technology that features gun-mounted control of powder output as well as full-line purge control.

Chemetall, the surface treatment global business unit of BASF’s coatings division, offers performance system solutions for metalworking, cleaning and pretreatment.

DeFelsko manufactures a variety of inspection instruments, including the PosiTector, PosiTest and PosiPen.

Sames Kremlin will showcase new applications, products and solutions for the automotive and general industrial marketplace, including powder on MDF applications and the InoBell Powder Bell Sprayer with Fanuc robot.


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