Video: Watch New Coating Protect iPhone Dropped into Pint of Guinness



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Aculon in San Diego has come up with a nifty way to is announce the launch of its latest generation of PCB waterproofing technology, NanoProof 8.0. The company released a video of an iPhone submerged in Guinness Beer for 30 minutes to demonstrate the capabilities of the coating.

The company says the video is designed to show how the electronics industry can now achieve the IPX-7 (30 minutes submersion in water at a depth of 1 meter) or more of waterproofing that is so required by mobile device manufacturers.

"The availability of NanoProof 8.0 treatment for waterproofing electronics represents a significant opportunity for the electronics industry,” says Edward Hughes, CEO of Aculon. “The ability to easily and inexpensively waterproof electronics with an easy to apply material is critical as manufacturers push the boundaries of electronics waterproofing demanding lower costs, easier processes and significantly more robust waterproofing performance."

Visit aculon.com/nanoproofpcbrepellency.php.