Wagner Showcases New Liquid, Powder Equipment

President and general manager Matthias Koehler provides plant tour and to showcase liquid lab and new powder lab.
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Wagner Industrial Solutions in Elgin, Illinois recently hosted a media day to show off their latest liquid paint and powder coating equipment to representatives from surface finishing, fabrication and woodworking trade publications.


Products Finishing magazine was on hand when Matthias Koehler, president and general manager, joined with operations manager Jeff Porters and business development sales manager Janet James to provide a plant tour and to showcase the liquid lab and the new powder lab.

Koehler introduced the SuperCube quick color change booth with the new ProfiTech M control system and the ColorSelect quick-change system in the powder coating product line.

The SuperCube quick color change booth with the new ProfiTech M control system unit fully automates the industrial coating plant, making it easier to work with and reducing the complexity of the machine.

The ColorSelect system is designed for quick color change with the least potential for cross-contamination and powder loss, Koehler said. The operator control panel includes a dial and quick-connect ports for up to 10 colors.

On the liquid paint side, Wagner demonstrated the double diaphragm Cobra pump and its AirCoat automatic guns, as well as its new plural component systems, the TwinControl and the FlexControl.

For more information on Wagner Industrial Solutions, please visit wagnersystemsinc.com, or call 800-473-2524.

Below is a video of the events of the day: