Webinar Looks at Trivalent Chromium Process Capability Study for OEMs



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Products Finishing will host a free webinar Oct. 2 that looks at the characteristics of trivalent chromium that impact corrosion resistance. Mark Schario, executive vice president for Columbia Chemical, will present information on evaluating test matrix variables and performance results of exterior corrosion testing between trivalent and hexavalent.

Mark Schario

Mark Schario, executive vice president for Columbia Chemical

Topics will include the origin of test matrix and OEM-requested variables; performance evaluation of various trivalent chrome thicknesses; nickel plating STEP value influence on corrosion; an in-depth look at CASS and Russian mud testing results and comparison; and a summary of recent USCAR field test results.

To register for the free webinar, visit short.pfonline.com/webinars



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