Where is the Pipe Glue?



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Q. Steve, I am interested in learning more your May 2011 EH&S Clinic column. I have contacted several plumbing suppliers around me, and none of them were able to assist me in finding the glue that you recommended for CPVC pipe or the pipe tape. We are seeing exactly what you were talking about on leaky pipe containing caustic or alkaline solutions and would love to put them to rest. We use primarily CPVC schedule 80 pipe in our plating facility and have always opted for EPDM seals in our valves and unions. I you could get me the names or nomenclature of these products I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for a great article and your time. T.R.

A. T.R., thanks for your compliments.
Because I am not able to provide specific brand name products, I searched the internet using either “cpvc glue caustic” and “cpvc glue hypochlorite,” and both times the result of the searches did find a well known major brand of glue for CPVC pipe. If your local plumbing suppliers do not have the specific product in stock, they surely will know how to obtain it for you, or you could order it through the internet.
As a reminder to those who may have missed the article, “normal” PVC and CPVC glues contain fumed silica as a thickening agent; this is attacked by caustics over time, causing leakage through the joint. There are glue formulations without fumed silica that are designed for caustic and hypochlorite usage.
Regarding the tape for threaded pipe, if you cannot find one meeting the military specification T 27730A , I recommend you purchase a very high quality Teflon or PTFE tape.
Hope this is of help and value.