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12/1/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Wreaking Havoc: Motorcycles Manufacturer Offers Online Coating Customization

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Canadian firm starts custom design program.


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Havoc has taken motorcycle freedom to a new level.

Havoc Motorcycles, a motorcycle manufacturer from Prince Edward Island of Charlottetown, Canada, now offers custom paint, anodize and powder coat options for its customizable motorcycles. Havoc wants its customers to show their individuality with this custom design program.

“The whole idea behind this is that we want these motorcycles to reflect the style of the rider,” says Jarrod Wiener, the founder and president of Havoc. “From our perspective, we have to powder coat and paint anyway, and there shouldn’t be any trouble or extra cost to do it the way the customer wants it. I remember years ago when you ordered a car you could choose the color and interior. That’s what we’re hoping to give people.”

Havoc offers paint, anodize and powder coat options for the frame and bodywork, wheels, rider-machine interface, entertainment system and the brakes, cables and hoses, as well as an airbrush graphics program that enables riders to personalize the motorcycles even more. With the help of two staffed graphic artists and color palettes from Tiger Drylac Powder Coating, Havoc has made the motorcycle experience even more personal.

Havoc hopes to soon release a website where customers can customize their motorcycles from their homes. “I think the website will be helpful because then the customers will be able to visualize what their different options look like,” says Wiener.

Of course, Havoc has received a lot of attention because of its special edition Mike Tyson Iron Flight motorcycle, the poster child of the company’s customization idea. Embellished with pigeons and a rendering of Tyson’s famous face tattoo, this motorcycle represents the attitude that Havoc hopes to convey: a motorcycle with strength and spirit.

For more information about Havoc Motorcycles, visit

Originally published in the December 2015 issue.


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