3/25/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

2019 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey for Liquid, Powder Coating Closes May 31

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Data from the liquid and powder coating survey gives insight into the best practices of shops throughout North America.

The 2019 Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey for liquid and powder coating operations will open May 1.

Data from the survey is used to determine which shops will be considered the 2019 “Top Shops” and to provide all participants with insight into the best practices of shops throughout North America. The survey closes June 1.


Click HERE to take the survey


Shops that complete a substantial portion of the survey will receive a customized report illustrating how their responses directly compare to all surveyed shops and to the Top Shops, which are those shops whose total survey scores placed them at the top of each question. The customized reports will be compiled with the help of Gardner Intelligence, which is part of Gardner Business Media, the parent company of Products Finishing.

The report will include data and statistics that will help shops formulate a plan for improvements in finishing technology; performance and practices; business strategy; and human resources.

Both job shops and captive shops should complete the survey. Participants should be prepared to provide statistical information, such as capacity utilization; order lead times; rework percentages; capital equipment expenditures; sales compared to finishing lines and employees; and other data. Visit PFonline.com to go to the Top Shops section for more information.

Plating Survey

Liquid/Powder Survey


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