A Peek Inside PPG’s 'Secretive' R&D Lab

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The website GeekWire visited the company’s facility outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and offers a look at the happenings inside.

The website GeekWire visited PPG’s coatings research and development lab outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for a look at the happenings inside one of the most sophisticated coatings facilities around.

“In this building, tucked away atop a hill in the Allison Park suburb, PPG conducts research and development for coatings that end up on everything from iPhones to airplanes,” the story says. “It’s a secretive 86-acre complex—at one point I was scolded by security personnel while taking photos outside—and a key center of innovation for a company that reported $14.8 billion in annual sales last year.”

Click HERE to read the full story.

For information on PPG, visit ppg.com.


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