AESF Foundation Scholarship Recipients Announced: Xu and Shinde Awarded 2014 Scholarships



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AESF 2014 Scholarship Recipients


The AESF Foundation, the educational arm of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) located in Washington D.C., announced the winners of the 2014 Scholarship Award Program. Yunfei Xu, PhD candidate at Harvard University, and Shinde Manish, PhD candidate at Wichita State University, were chosen as the 2014 Scholarship Award Program recipients for their research in plating and surface finishing science and engineering.


Since 2012, scholarships have been awarded annually to individual students for their research in plating and surface finishing science and engineering by the AESF Foundation.


“This is a very prestigious award meant to give students the ability to pursue their passion in the plating and surface finishing industry,” President of the AESF Foundation, Bob Srinivasan, says. “We want to give these students who display excellence in this science the opportunity to advance their knowledge and contribute to the future of surface finishing technologies.”


Undergraduate and graduate applicants were chosen on the basis of four major factors: academic record, personal statement, work experience and extracurricular activities. Both honorary scholarship recipients will receive a $1,500 award toward their study and/or research related to the advancement of the plating and surface finishing technology.


With the future of plating and surface finishing industries dependent on technological advancements, the NASF and its educational arm, the AESF Foundation, know that education programs and scholarships help foster breakthroughs with students studying chemical engineering, material science or engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, environmental engineering or chemistry.


“It is vital that our organization supports the educational endeavors of students in these fields of study,” President of the NASF, Erik Weyls, says. “We applaud these future innovators for their research and commitment to our industry.”


After careful consideration of the six finalists for the 2014 Scholarship Award Program, the following award recipients were selected:




Yunfei Xu, Harvard University


Yunfei Xu, China, is a PhD candidate in chemistry at Harvard University. Having previously studied noble-metal-free electrocatalysts for water splitting reactions, his current research is focused on surface chemistry and catalysis. Passionate about extracurricular activities, Yunfei Xu co-authored 10 publications, including research articles, reviews, a book chapter and two patents during his undergraduate program. In 2013/2014, he served as a fellow in both Venture Club and the Alumni Relations board of the Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA). Xu is now the 2014/2015 co-chair of Alumni Relations for HCSSA.




Manish Shinde, Wichita State University


Manish Shinde, India, is a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Wichita State University. After being introduced to studies in nanomaterial as an undergraduate, Shinde applied his curiosity to produce his master’s thesis work with nanomaterial in dye sensitized solar cells. Pursing his curiosity, Shinde’s doctoral dissertation will focus on creating a replacement for hexavalent chromium products that would be best suited for the metal finishing industry. Aside from educational research, Shinde is a research engineer for the National Institute of Aviation Research where he is involved in different aspects of coating as well as research and development. Presently, he is involved in research of aviation coatings for increased performance for corrosion and heat reflective coatings.

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