Axalta Coating Systems Celebrates 50 Years of Commercial Powder Coatings

Axalta got its start in powder coatings in 1964 with the acquisition of the Teodur brand manufactured by Wagemakers Lekbrieken,
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Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, celebrates 50 years of commercially produced latest generation powder coatings, making it one of the oldest powder coating manufacturers in the world.


Axalta got its start in commercial powder coatings in 1964 with the acquisition of the Teodur brand that had been manufactured by Wagemakers Lekbrieken, a Dutch family-owned paint company founded in 1848 that sold its first architectural grade thermosetting powder at its site in Teodur.

Axalta’s powder coatings deliver superior coverage and transfer efficiency with both thermosetting and thermoplastic coatings manufactured under the names of Alesta, Nap-Gard and Abcite. These products have earned a reputation for corrosion resistance, durability due to superior edge coverage, thick film build, and efficiency because no primer is required.


“Axalta Coating Systems is honored to have such rich history, vast experience and great success in powder coatings throughout these fifty years,” said Michael Cash, President Industrial Coatings. “It keeps us motivated each day to continue the legacy by offering great products to our valued customers around the world.”


Nap-Gard has been the worldwide leader in applying standard practices for functional pipe coatings with epoxy. For decades, Nap-Gard FBE grades have been used from the coldest parts of Alaska to the hottest climates of the Middle East.


In 2002, Alesta was created in Europe to meet the need for a superior global decorative powder line. Today, Alesta has evolved into a leading franchise of decorative powder coatings that deliver superior edge coverage and optimum film build, with no primer required. An environmentally responsible choice, Alesta powder coatings are free of solvents and virtually free of VOCs and targeted HAPs.


For the past 20 years, Abcite powder coatings have been protecting water infrastructures, power plants, fences, light poles and many more structures against corrosion in all weather conditions. Abcite has remained successful over the years due to excellent performance and easy application which requires no primer, top coat and virtually no maintenance.


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