BASF issues "Color Trend Report"

'Green Luxury," human symbiosis with technology are in


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BASF Coatings' (Southfield, MI) color designers have released their global color trend report. Color experts from Asia, North America and Europe are providing a forecast of the automotive colors of the future. The prognosis is based on in-depth research of social developments and fashion trends. The BASF color designers travel to key trade shows in the textile and furniture sectors to determine the future trends, incorporating socio-political, interior design, architecture, technology and pop culture into recommendations.
Their report says:
  • Earth tones still on the rise
  • Light colors like beige and water blue extend the automotive color palette
  • Exotic brilliant colors gaining in popularity
  • Matte surfaces come closer to reality
Global trends are expressed by different colors, depending on the region. People from various regions often have different color perceptions that are influenced by culture.
“Green luxury” is not an oxymoron
The ecology movement is continuing throughout the globe. However, BASF says there is a shift from ecological activism to more realistic approaches. Ecological goals have a greater significance, since people are taking a harder look at the consequences of their behavior. As a result, the image of ecology is changing.
Symbiosis between humans and technology
BASF says our world is marked by rapid technological progress. Future technologies change our everyday lives and become natural companions. Humans and technology are coming closer together.  New color directions represent a fascinating uniqueness. BASF says we will be able to see colors like LED blue, brilliant turquoise, sparkling black, or bright red in the future. Matte finishes especially reinforce the technical impression.
Diversity of people and colors
Migration, diversity, and cultural identity are shaping the image of society.  Cultural diversity is also accompanied by a new type of color. Starting with various browns with subtle effects that connect to home and one’s own roots, the trend is also moving toward exotic and bold, brilliant colors such as yellow, violet and emerald.
Emphasizing uniqueness
Another driving force among the trends is individualism. Many people want to move a bit closer to the essence of their personalities and are developing themselves in more individualistic ways – embedded in a collective context. The desire to distinguish oneself from the masses and express one’s own individuality is gaining in importance.
New website now available
The new website takes visitors on a virtual tour through the work and presentation rooms of the BASF Coatings’ Design Studio in Münster. To start exploring, go to www.colordesign.basf.com