BASF unveils it’s iGloss “intelligent paint system”

New paint reflects heat rays, designed for transparent organic solar cells in the roof of car
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BASF Paint Systems unveiled its new iGloss hybrid clearcoat on the revolutionary Smart Forvision compact car at the International Frankfurt Motor Show, showing off a coating that is not only scratch resistance but also has a temperature management system built into it.
BASF calls it’s iGloss an “intelligent paint systems,” as the white paint reflects heat rays to provide for temperature management system for the vehicle. In addition, a special technology was used on a clearcoat system for the transparent organic solar cells in the roof of the car.
“We have applied our intelligent technologies to integrate features such as outstanding scratch resistance into the paint,” says Thomas Fritzsche, BASF’s global account manager for Daimler. “As a complete system, the paint also allows better temperature management. This helps us to make an important contribution to sustainable urban mobility.”
� While the white colors reflect light and heat rays from the sun, BASF says the surfaces coated with dark colors stay much cooler thanks to special “Cool Pigments.”
“They ensure that heat radiation is reflected rather than absorbed,” Fritzsche says. “As a result, energy for air conditioning can be saved because the passenger compartment does not heat up as much. This benefits the passengers, who enjoy the more comfortable environment, and the material is subjected to less stress due to the lower temperatures.”
Further information on BASF is available basf.com.



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