Burton Metal Finishing Rebuilds After Fire

2013 fire took Burton almost two years to get things built back up.
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Burton Metal Finishing in Columbus, Ohio, is back in the swing of things after rebuilding following a 2013 fire at their plant. Last summer, Burton held their grand re-opening at their rebuilt facility, and is now growing faster than ever.


The fire occured Oct. 4, 2013, and it took Burton almost two years to get things built back up.


Burton Metal Finishing has been family-owned and operated since their beginning in 1987. They offer decades of industry experience and provide exceptional customer service. Their father, Dallas Burton, founded the company to meet the metal finishing needs of customers in the greater Columbus area. 


When the new plant re-opened, the new features are an automated and computerized control system that checks each part as it progresses though the line. Other improvements to their quality control operations are the addition of an x-ray machine and implementing Skype video communication for customer interaction. The company says the new video communication will save time and money by allowing customers to visually examine a part before it completes quality inspection.


Each aspect of their new facility has been carefully planned to modernize our operations and facilitate excellence in the finished product they deliver to customers, the owners say.