California's Bright Design Challenge Kicks Off

Alan Olick from General Brite Plating, Bryan Leiker from K&L Anodizing and Danco help the students with their projects.


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The Metal Finishing Association of California kicked off its Bright Design Challenge scholarship program with the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.

The MFAC conducts this annual competitive program that invites students to think beyond traditional design theory and bring out their very best creative spirit in developing high art and “next-generation” engineering solutions incorporating the use of surface finishing.

Participants work within strict, realistic guidelines and focus on specific elements unique to the projects they are developing. Time-management skills play a strong role in the competition due to tight deadlines throughout the intense 12 -week competition. The Association awards $15,000 in scholarships based upon both creativity and the use and understanding of surface finishing.

Alan Olick from General Brite Plating, Bryan Leiker from K&L Anodizing and Danco helped the students with their projects.

Visit mfaca.org for information.

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