Chemcoaters's CigarFest Sessions Catching Fire

Sessions hosted by company president Bill Capizzano on a recurrent basis at a local area establishment in Countryside, Illinois.
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Mike Tieri, Chemcoaters' Director of Sales and Marketing, says his company's approach to marketing to its customers through Cigar Fest might not be typical.

“We might not be politically correct, but we have a great time and it’s a very productive session, as the interaction is just what we wanted,” said Tieri, who  is referring to the ongoing Cigar Fest sessions hosted by Mike and Chemcoaters President Bill Capizzano on a recurrent basis at a local area establishment in Countryside, Illinois, namely the Casa de Montecristo (www.casademontecristo-chicago.com)  

Held every other month, Tieri gathers 10-20 customers mostly from the company’s metal service center base to enjoy a meal, hear a presentation on the Chemcoaters service package of coil coatings, plus engage in a lively exchange of topics relevant to the business world of the service center, the market conditions and the future outlook for business development between service centers, their suppliers and their customers.

The sessions conclude with an assortment of cigars and lively conversation. 

“We have intentionally planned these events, so there’s a good mix of small and large firms, plus the service centers often bring their customers, so we gain that extra perspective on the market and we learn a lot about how to serve it better," Tieri said. "Every session so far has yielded some great ideas for our customers and our company alike.”  

Based in Gary, Indiana, Chemcoaters is a leading supplier of green coil coatings, as well as traditional prepaint and protective coil coatings, dry film lubes and RoHS-compliant coatings.  Virtually no VOCs or HAPs are present in the process.  

The company's patented InterCoat ChemGuard is formulated with trivalent vs. hexavalent chrome, making it environmentally friendly for all building, architectural and mechanical appliance applications. 

Any companies interested in attending an upcoming Cigar Fest can contact Mike Tieri for details at miket@chemcoaters.com



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