Chicago Comb, Triton Metal Finishing Strike Gold

Chicago-based grooming accessory company began selling last October its first product, Model No. 1, a $40 luxury men’s comb crafted from high performance stainless steel.
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Chicago Combs and Triton Industries manufacture this $40 comb.


One of the hottest items to hit the consumer market when it comes to men's grooming is centered around a metal finishing shop in Chicago, where Brent Wortell, owner of Triton Industries at 1020 N. Kolmar, is part of a boom manufacturing high-end men's combs.


Chicago Comb Co., a Chicago-based grooming accessory company, began selling last October its first product, Model No. 1, a $40 luxury men’s comb crafted from high performance stainless steel.  The product was the culmination of years of thinking about art, manufacturing, and sustainable production by its co-founders, John Litwinski and Tedd Strom, who met at O’Neill Junior High School in Downer's Grove many years ago.


Since that launch last year, the comb has garnered world-wode attention. Among its many attributes:


ABC News featured them in an article on Made in America Gift Ideas!


Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote a full-length story about Chicago Comb

Details men's magazine gave it the 2013 DETAILS Grooming Awards

It was nominated to receive the 2013 Chicago Innovation Award.

The City of Chicago produced a video showing the making of a Chicago Comb, part of the City's series on "Made in Chicago" products.


The Fifty for including Chicago Comb in their list of the top American-made hair products.

Sweden's Cafe Magazine, the leading men's magazine in Sweden, similar to Esquire or GQ had an article about Chicago Comb


The Sun-Times articles relates the story of how Triton became involved. Litwinski and  Strom were promoting the combs at the 2011 Great Shave Event held by Merz Apothecary when one of the barbers at that event, Joe Wortell, began admiring the comb and heard the two owners say they were looking for a place to manufacture it in Chicago.


Joe told them that his parents own a metal finishing plant in Chicago, Triton Industries.


The rest -- someone, somewhere said -- is history, as Chicago Comb sold 200 in 2011 and plan to sell over 5,000 in 2013.


Here's the video from the City of Chicago:




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