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Image | CDC

As the coronavirus saga continues on, this week brings even more changes to the daily lives of many in the U.S. Last week California and Pennsylvania invoked shelter-in-place procedures, closing all non-essential businesses. Ohio has followed suit this week.

While many manufacturers fall under the category of essential business, I found myself talking to a few last week that do not. Take for example startups companies, working to promote a newly launched technology that have not only been ham-stringed by forced tradeshow cancellations but also have to put production work on hold. Even for the companies that are continuing operations, the toll on employees is undeniable.

Speaking of Product Finishing’s own status, the media industry is one of the businesses exempt from the shelter-in-place order. Nevertheless, Gardner Business Media’s offices are closed and our editors and staff are working remotely. In the grand scheme, it’s a minor disruption compared to what those whose businesses are closed are going through. But it serves as a reminder of what our job during this time is – to keep coating and finishers as up to date as possible with helpful information as we all navigate this time and look toward the rebound of our industry. To help maintain communication.

Gardner Intelligence, the research arm of Gardener Business Media is working to communicate feedback from manufacturers through a weekly survey on the evolving implications of coronavirus for the manufacturing industry. You can read the latest update here.

We recently spoke with chief economist Michael Guckes for an economic overview of the finishing industry in relation to current events, which can be seen here.

You can access a roundup of reporting from Gardner Business Media publications on how the pandemic has affected various manufacturing-related industries here.

A whitepaper released by ABI Research on March 18 offers the firms thoughts on the likely short- and long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic for key technologies and end markets. It is available here.

I hope some of these offerings are helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions, feedback or suggestions.

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