Eisenmann Building Flexible Paint 'Workshop' for Lamborghini

The new paint shop in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, will enable each Urus luxury SUV to quickly and easily receive a customer-specific finish, thanks to Eisenmann intelligent production control.


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A new paint shop being developed for Lamborghini in SantAgata Bolognese, Italy, will enable each of its Urus luxury marque SUVs to quickly and easily receive a customer-specific finish, thanks to intelligent production control provided by Eisenmann Industrial Software Co. (Enisco) E-MES software for flexible mass customization.

Eisenmann says it hopes the new plant will revolutionize the car painting process, discontinuing the conventional, rigidly linear configuration in favor of a highly flexible “workshop” with selected linear elements.

The paint shop’s flexibility stems from its layout and design, the company says. Its “brain” is the E-MES production control system, intelligent software that supports online planning, material-flow control, and integrated and digital worker guidance.

“By leveraging E-MES, we can paint a variety of body types and materials, and produce customer-specific finishes within a single shop,” says Enisco Managing Director Werner Gruber. “For a long time, production systems have been engineered to support standardized, high-throughput processes. We are now able to implement mass customization.”

The paint shop is expected to be completed by the end of this year. In addition to the E-MES software, Eisenmann is supplying a sealing system complete with material-supply equipment; topcoat spray booths fitted with E-Cubes for overspray removal; dryers; a high-bay warehouse, conveyors; and workstations.

Eisenmann says this will be the first time the Volkswagen Group will deploy an Eisenmann topcoat application system, which will include paint supply equipment. This solution features VarioBell, a rotary paint atomizer with direct electrostatic charging, making it suitable for interior and exterior painting of both plastic and metal components. The company says a single atomizer can be employed for a variety of painting processes, keeping in line with the highly flexible “workshop” production principle.

Eisenmann SE is an international provider of systems and services for surface finishing, material-flow automation, thermal process technology and environmental engineering. Visit eisenmann.com.