Enthone Publishes Plating-on-Plastics & Decorative Base Metals Guide

The selection guide provides an overview of Enthone best-in-class technologies, including Plating-on-Plastics Pre-Treatment Systems and Cyanide-free and Acid Copper Technologies
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A new "Plating-on-Plastics & Decorative Base Metals Guide" has been published by Enthone. The selection guide provides an overview of Enthone best-in-class technologies, including:


  • -Plating-on-Plastics Pre-Treatment Systems
  • -Cyanide-free and Acid Copper Technologies
  • -Semi-Bright, Bright and Satin Nickel Processes
  • -Dark, Lustrous Chrome Solutions
  • -Integrated Equipment Systems


Enabling new designs, improved reliability and enhanced appearance, Enthone decorative coatings create value throughout the entire supply chain by decreasing metal consumption, increasing efficiency and reducing process steps. Delivering style, versatility and functionality, the coatings are engineered for beauty, cost-effectiveness and durability in a diversity of environments.


A copy of the guide may be obtained by contacting trustenthone@enthone.com


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