First-Ever, All-Black Yacht Made Possible by Automotive Coatings

BASF says that fashion house Hugo Boss was determined to turn heads with a state-of-the art yacht that perfectly embodied their brand.
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BASF says that never before has a racing yacht been able to achieve an all-black look. Yes, black sails or a black hull, but never a black deck. The company says that black surfaces heat up enormously fast when exposed to heavy sunlight, which is somewhat unavoidable when racing around the world’s oceans.


BASF says that fashion house Hugo Boss was determined to turn heads with a yacht that perfectly embodied their brand. Alex Thomson Racing’s new Imoca 60 racing yacht, also sponsored by luxury brand Mercedes-Benz, is the first entirely black Imoca 60 yacht in the world. This yacht, designed by French company VPLP/Verdier, had its unique black aesthetic created by Konstantin Grcic, a world-famous industrial designer.


Konstantin collaborated with BASF while designing the Myto chairs, which are made entirely of BASF plastic material and now on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He hoped BASF had another solution to make his design a reality.


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