First FABTECH Canada debuts in March

Finishing is one area of focus at new event


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The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association and American Welding Society will launch the first-ever FABTECH Canada to be held at the Toronto Congress Centre on March 20-22. The event will feature the latest technologies, tools and trends – with a special focus on fabricating technology – geared towards the needs of Canada’s estimated 1.5 million manufacturing employees in industries ranging from automotive and energy to transportation and construction.


There will be some finishing focus, although the organizers have not committed a "Finishing Pavilion" as they have at the US show held in Chicago last fall.


“FABTECH has an unsurpassed reputation across North America and we’re thrilled to bring a uniquely Canadian version to the marketplace here,” said Janine Saperson, Show Manager with SME, which is hosting the premiere event with FMA and AWS. “FABTECH Canada 2012 will be a one-stop venue for solutions for welding, lasers, fabricating, bending, forming and more, tailored to the unique needs of our country’s growing manufacturing sector, as well as any business that either produces or relies on equipment and machinery in its day-to-day operations,” she said.


More information at: www.fabtechcanada.com