Florida Plater Shines Brightly On "Bachelorette"

A.M. Metal Finishing executive Joe Gendreau gets a shot at TV stardom


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If you’re a fan of plating and reality TV and live in the Orlando area, then you may have recognized the new operations manager at A.M. Metal Finishing Inc. as being on the eighth season of "The Bachelorette."
Joe Gendreau, the son of A.M. Metal Finishing vice president Sloane Hunter and stepson of president Rick Hunter, was dumped by Emily Maynard during the second episode of the season in May.
� "I believe we still really didn't hit it off with each other," Gendreau told reporters after the episode aired. "We kind of are in different places in our lives. I think, you know, I was a single, kind of, maybe free-spirited individual. I think she was looking for someone more settled in a way, maybe more committed, and whether it be family or work or, you know, just looking for that."
Born and raised in Orlando, Gendreau graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in business management, but moved to California and worked as a project manager at a solar power energy company.
So how did he come to be on “The Bachelorette?”
“I was actually hanging out watching Monday night football at a local bar in Venice Beach, Calif. and they approached me and I kind of went through the whole interviewing process and I thought ‘wow, this should be a neat experience,’ he says.
He wants no more of TV, and will focus on his work with A.M. Metal Finishing.
“Ultimately, I’m trying to implement a couple new standards here at A.M. Metal and just try to help grow the business and be on the cutting edge of technology here,” he says. “As far as the metal plating industry, it’s always, always growing; new innovations are always coming out, so I want to be on top of that and be at the top notch of technology in town, in the state and the Southeast region.”

 Watch a clip of Joe's "date"


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