Gelling, Advincula Are Plenary Speakers at 2015 Waterborne, High-Solids and Powder Coating Symposium

Registration for the event is now open for the symposium, to be held Feb. 9-13 in New Orleans.
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Dr. Victoria Gelling.


Victoria Gelling and Rigoberto Advincula are the Plenary Speakers at the 2015 Waterborne, High-Solids and Powder Coating Symposium, to be held Feb. 9-13 in New Orleans.


Registration for the event is now open at http://www.waterbornesymposium.com/online-registration


"People involved with technical and marketing aspects of the coatings industry are invited to attend the 2014 Waterborne Symposium," says Melanie Heusser, Waterborne Coordinator. "Both new entrants as well as veterans of the industry will find the Symposium stimulating and informational, with plenty of opportunities to interact with peers and experts."


Dr. Gelling is a Technical Director in Performance Coatings at The Valspar Corporation in Minneapolis, MN.  Before her time at Valspar, she was an Associate Professor in the Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials at North Dakota State University.  She gained a B.S. in Chemistry at the University of North Dakota then completed a doctorate in Chemistry at North Dakota State University.  Her principal research interests are the use of electrochemistry to monitor the health and degradation of polymeric materials and the transitioning of laboratory electrochemical techniques to the field.  During her career, she has studied various coating systems from the traditional to the novel, such as electroactive conducting polymers.  She has experience with numerous lightweight metal alloys from her research concentrating on aluminum and magnesium corrosion inhibition; focusing on environmentally compliant non-chromate coatings.


� Advincula is Professor of  Macromolecular Science & Engineering at CASE Western Reserve University. His research interests: Design, synthesis, and characterization of polymers and nanostructured materials capable of controlled-assembly, tethering, and self-organization in ultrathin films. This includes functional macromolecules, coordination polymerization, polymerization on surfaces, electropolymerization, and preparation of nanoparticles and hybrid materials. Properties include: smart coatings, electrically conducting, photoluminescent, electroluminescent, energy harvesting, optically active, and biocompatible. Surface sensitive spectroscopy and microscopy is systematically utilized to probe materials properties and biological phenomena. We are also involved in investigating nanoparticles, nanostructured surfaces, and nanocomposite materials for sensor and bioapplications. Other applied studies include packaging, coatings, biomaterials, plastics, and process development.


Details of the event:

-Short Courses February 8 – 10, 2015
-Technology Showcase Exhibit Hall February 10 – 12, 2015
-Waterborne, High-Solids and Powder Coatings Symposium, February 11 – 13, 2015
-Student Poster Session and Informal Interview Session, February 12, 2015
-Paper Awards, February 13, 2015


WHERE: The Sheraton New Orleans, 500 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, T: 1-504-525-2500.


For more information, please visit waterbornesymposium.com