K Alpha Acquires Bowman Analytics

Company acquires their long-time partner for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrumentation for coating thickness measurement, elemental analysis and solution analysis.


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The K-Alpha sample holder fitted with the 3 cm diameter rotating stage for depth profiling


K Alpha has acquired Bowman Analytics, their long-time partner for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrumentation for coating thickness measurement, elemental analysis and solution analysis.  Business operations between the two companies will merge and there will be one unified management team leading their combined offering.  Bowman Analytics will maintain its facility in Pompano Beach, FL.


Key members of both Bowman Analytics and K Alpha have worked together before, when they were at Coating Measurement Instruments (CMI International).  This merger will reunite teams of physicists, engineers and mechanics, which will now combine their skill sets and expertise to improve each other’s respective roles. 


“We are excited about what this acquisition means to our customers,” said Tom Leone, CEO of K Alpha, and founder of CMI International. “It will be great to have the Bowman Analytics team join the group of K Alpha sales, service and support technicians.”


K Alpha has been selling and servicing the XRF equipment that Bowman Analytics has developed and manufactured since 2014.  With this merger, the two companies’ leadership team will be able to collaborate even more seamlessly, and deliver better instrumentation and support to their customers.


“When I started Bowman Analytics, I had always hoped that it would lead to an outcome like this,” said John Prey, Founder of Bowman Analytics.  “I am excited that our product line has quickly been well-received in the marketplace by those that need easy-to-use, reliable and high-performance XRF equipment for their coating thickness and composition analysis needs.  It is great to now combine this company with other former leaders from CMI as well, and go to market as one company again.”


Visit kalphaxray.com to learn more.


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