KMI Systems Celebrates 30th Anniversary

KMI is a turn-key finishing system supplier founded by Jim McRoy, Lou Kolar and Vik Desai in 1984
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Jim McRoy, right, is presented a plaque during his retirement ceremony by KMI president Kevin Coursin.


KMI Systems celebrated its 30 year anniversary on April 5.


KMI is turn-key finishing system supplier and was founded by Jim McRoy, Lou Kolar and Vik Desai in 1984 when they decided to start their own company after working in the porcelain enamel industry for many years.


The company was founded in Crystal Lake, IL and soon after started supplying paint finishing systems, as well as porcelain enamel systems.


KMI not only celebrated the company’s anniversary but also the retirement of McRoy, vice president of sales, after more than 40 years in the industry.


“KMI has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and will continue growing over the years to come,” said Kevin Coursin, president of KMI Systems.