Kyzen to Co-Host VOC Compliance Seminars


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Kyzen will offer one-day VOC compliance seminars for the metal parts manufacturing industry in April and May. The first “Clean and Green” sessions will take place April 18 and 19, at co-host Stericycle’s facility in Inglewood, California. Seminars also will take place May 23 and 24, at co-host Ecoclean in Southfield, Michigan.

The technical sessions will provide attendees with an in-depth review of the latest changes in solvent regulations affecting parts cleaning and a guide on how to become VOC compliant. They will cover the growth of modified alcohol solvents in the manufacturing industry as well as applications and operational procedures. A step-by-step guide explaining how to prevent corrosion at manufacturing facilities will also be presented. Throughout the seminar, there will be opportunities for hands-on testing of chemistries, and attendees are encouraged bring their own metal parts for testing.

The trainings are free, but space is limited. For information or to register, visit www.kyzen.com/voc-free.

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