Liquid, Powder Top Shops Survey Starts May 1

Program has been a tremendous help for many shops which use the data and series of reports they get back to set operational goals and objectives.


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The Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey for liquid and powder coaters — an industry-wide program to determine best practices and statistical data from hundreds of finishing shops across North America — will launch May 1.

This program — and the benchmarking data that shops receive from the survey — has been a tremendous help for many shops which use the data and series of reports they get back to set operational goals and objectives in order to improve efficiencies increase profits.

In addition, we recognized the Top Shop in an annual issue of Products Finishing to let OEMs and those in the finishing industry know which shops performed the best.




Visit the TOP SHOPS ZONE to learn more!


What do we want to know?

The comprehensive benchmarking survey is broken into four categories:

-Current Finishing Technology

-Finishing Practices and Performances

-Business Strategies and Performances

-Training and Human Resources


What does your shop receive in exchange for the survey?

We will send you the results of the total benchmarking survey so you can compare your shop to how others in the industry are performing. It will be a great management tool to see how you stack up against competition.

For the Current Finishing Technology category, we want to know what certifications your finishing shop currently holds and what approvals you have received. We also want to know which types of finishing operations your shop offers. In addition, we want to know what type of testing and lab work your shop performs for customers.

In the Finishing Practices and Performances category, our questions center around which practices and improvement methodologies your operation uses, and how you rank in order of lead times, scrap/rework percentages and other customer-oriented operations.

For the Business Strategies and Performances category, we want to know about current supply chain practices your shop uses and your annual sales growth rate.

Great finishing shops stand out in terms of how they treat their employees, so the last category asks about the human resource practices and programs your shop uses and the formal training each full-time employee receives annually.


What does a shop like yours get out of this?

First, we want to recognize all those shops that meet certain criteria. We won’t give away our entire benchmark scoring methods, but we’ll tell you that our computer scoring system was designed with input from actual job shops like yours. Those shops that score in the top echelon will receive the Top Shop distinction in our magazine and on pfonline.com. We’ll send these shops some graphics to put on their websites, sales literature and estimating forms.

Second, after you complete the survey we’ll send you a complete copy of the benchmarking report so that you can compare your shop’s overall performance with other shops in the finishing industry. It’s a great way to see how you ‘measure up’ to the industry’s best; use it as an improvement tool inside your company.

In addition, several shops will be selected for special profiles in an upcoming issue of Products Finishing to highlight the best business practices in the four categories. We want to share with everyone how the best-run shops do it, and how you can do it too.


How do you participate?

Have some of your financial data available, and it should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Getting a copy of the industry benchmarking survey will probably make it the best 20 minutes you’ve spent all year.