Lose Your Shirt at Fabtech in Vegas? Your Friends at Products Finishing Have Got You Covered

Products Finishing magazine helps their friends-in-need by offering FREE limited-edition Fabtech T-shirts to readers who visit booth C-2254


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Just in case your lose your shirt at the blackjack table while at Fabtech in Las Vegas Nov. 12-15, Products Finishing magazine will have you covered.

Stop by our booth (C-2254) at the Fabtech Finishing Pavilion and pick up a FREE limited-edition Products Finishing T-shirt that is custom-designed to highlight your "activities" in Las Vegas. We're betting more than a few finishers might end up losing their shirts while in the world's most exciting city. The PF shirts are available while supplies last.


"We're always looking out for our readers, so what better way than to help if their luck runs out on them," says Todd Luciano, Products Finishing publisher and resident blackjack guru. "I can't say that I've ever lost at the blackjack table. I have, but I just won't say it outloud."

Products Finishing readers also can go home with a souvenir cover of the magazine, complete with their very own photo emblazened on it ... maybe even with a "Top Finisher of 2012" headline that will be sure to make him or her the envy of any shop. We'll email it to you so that everyone can see how big you made it in Las Vegas.

For more information about Fabtech, please visit Fabtechexpo.com


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