MacDermid Hosts Plating on Plastic Summit

Attendees were updated on the latest advancements in POP technology, including a new UV lacquer process and advances in double-shot molding.
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MacDermid held a plating-on-plastic summit for their customers at the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan.


Attendees were updated on the latest advancements in POP technology, including a new UV lacquer process, advances in double-shot molding and a qualification process for decorative fashion finishes.


Of particular interest were presentations on molding and plastics by Mitch Gordon of Synventive and Brian Grosser of Samsung. The round table discussion involving Chrysler, Ford and General Motors was also a highlight of the two-day summit.


The increased use of trivalent chrome was discussed, as was a new innovation in passivate technology. In addition, MacDermid’s latest innovation in hex-chrome-free pretreatment was introduced. The new process, evolve, which is chromium, PFOS, SVHC and permanganate-free, requires no extra process tanks or processing times when compared to conventional metallization cycles. The process is currently in production, meeting automotive specifications and demonstrating outstanding adhesion.


For more information about the topics discussed, please visit macdermid.com


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