McAlpin Industries Opens New Facility, Powder Coating Line

The new plant will be home to powder coating, metal stamping and robotic welding operations as the company expands its assembly and warehousing functions.


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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the opening of a new McAlpin Industries manufacturing plant in the Town of Walworth, Wayne County that will feature a new powder coating line and operation.


The family-owned metal working company will also continue its operations in Rochester, New York, where it has been headquartered for more than 50 years and employs 148 workers. According to the company, the new, 120,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and warehousing facility will allow the company to create at least 24 new full time jobs. 

"This expansion is the latest success of our strategy to drive economic growth across the state by investing in the strengths of each region," Governor Cuomo says. "By creating new jobs and generating new economic activity, the new plant of this family-owned business will contribute to our successful initiatives to grow the regional economy and drive the Finger Lakes forward."

Economic support and assistance from local and state agencies allowed this project to move forward. Empire State Development will provide McAlpin Industries up to $400,000 in performance-based Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits in return for job creation commitments. The investment from McAlpin Industries totals $5,850,000. 

“All of us at McAlpin Industries are thrilled that we are expanding our business into Wayne County," McAlpin president and CEO, Ken McAlpin says. "This new building provides us with the opportunity to grow a product line through complete integration of robotic welding, powder coating and assembly.”


McAlpin Industries is an international, diversified precision metal working company that provides a variety of services to the telecommunications, computer, business machine, office equipment, medical, transportation, voting equipment, electronic, warehouse management and automotive sectors. The new plant will be home to metal stamping, robotic welding and powder coating operations as the company expands its assembly and warehousing functions. For more information, visit mcalpin-ind.com.


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