Milwaukee's EFCO Finishing Moving to Larger Facility

After 50 years at its current home, Milwaukee's EFCO Finishing will relocate to a newer, larger building in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, later this summer. Owners say they plan to be up and running at the new location by September 1.
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Terry Schultz and Mike Budgins stand by the sign in front of their current facility on 124th Street, alerting customers to the changes ahead.

After 50 years at its current home, Milwaukee's EFCO Finishing will relocate to a newer, larger building in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, later this summer. Owners say they plan to be up and running at the new location by September 1.

In 2016, EFCO began an exhaustive search to find a new building,wanting to stay in the same general area. Owners Terry Schultz and Mike Budgins say the Falls property met all their criteria: great freeway access, a vibrant business park and a more traditional rectangular facility that will allow them to get everything under one roof with room to grow.

Located on Fountain Boulevard, just north of Main Street and directly across from Bradley Corp., the new building is just shy of 30,000 square feet. Add in the efficiencies gained, and EFCO will have a facility to serve its customers and grow with them over the next several years, the owners say.

Although the relocation after 50 years is bittersweet, the owners say they are very excited for the opportunity in front of them and looking forward to putting their stamp on this next chapter of the EFCO legacy. Having ample time to build the facility has allowed them to better organize the property and plan the move strategically so that they never have to shut down operations. In this way, they can continue meeting customer needs and deadlines, even during the transition.

Schultz and Budgins say they plan to keep the company's core group of services intact, including vibratory finishing; ball burnishing; and a wide range of blasting services such as blast-cabinet blasting, table and tumble blasting using steel grit and steel shot, and use of a large blast room for larger pieces and projects. Vapor degreasing and timesaver machines will also be active at the new location.

Visit efcofinishing.com for additional information.


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