Miraclean Unveils Anodize Cube To Bring Color Anodizing In House

Fully automated Type III titanium color anodize system can produces up to 500 parts per hour.


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Miraclean, a manufacturer of precision parts cleaning and processing systems, has introduced a new, fully automated Type III titanium color anodize system called the Anodize Cube which produces up to 500 parts per hour.


The Anodize Cube features a small footprint and fully enclosed process. It is pre-programmed with built in adjustability via a password protected screen and delivers a full range of colors. Part-specific fixturing is available as well as optional bar coding and data logging. Miraclean also offers the process chemistries.


The company says that Anodize Cube allows part and instrument manufacturers to bring color anodizing in house, which can greatly improve turnaround time. Visit Miraclean at miraclean.com to arrange for free test anodizing and/or a site visit to see the system in operation.

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