NASF Presents Awards to Industry Leaders During Annual Trade Show Event

Michael Kelly, Rick Delawder and Waasy Boddison receive major awards as Betty Lou Mueller, Frank Dunigan and Nancy Zapata win Merit Awards.
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The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) presented industry awards at its Sur/Fin Manufacturing and Technology Tradeshow and Conference this summer in Atlanta, recognizing volunteer leaders whose service, commitment and contribution has advanced both the association and the industry.

Presidential Award: Michael Kelly, Asko Processing Group
The Presidential Award focuses on the extraordinary service put forth by an NASF member who is actively participating on the national level, going above and beyond the capacity of most. Michael Kelly has held virtually every position within the NASF and is known for going the extra mile in the call of service for the industry.

NASF President Paul Brancato, Michael Kelly and NASF Awards Chairman Tony Revier

Silvio Taormina Memorial Award: Rick Delawder, SWD
The Taormina Memorial Award, given to an individual who has performed outstanding service to the finishing industry over the years, was presented to Rick Delawder for his unparalleled dedication and performance on both national and chapter levels. Delawder has served on the NAMF, CMFI board for many years and has been a NASF board member in various leadership positions, including NASF president.

NASF President Paul Brancato, Rick Delawder and NASF Awards Chairman Tony Revier

August P. Munning Award: Waasy Boddison, American Plating Power
The August P. Munning Award recognizes a member who has significantly contributed to the future well-being of the NASF/AESF and who exemplifies Munning’s traits. This year’s recipient, Waasy Boddison, has been a significant contributor to the industry through development of advanced rectifier technologies, has participated on numerous NASF committees and served as president of the Florida Finishers Corp. Boddison currently sits on the NASF national board.

NASF President Paul Brancato, Waasy Boddison and NASF Awards Chairman Tony Revier


Scientific Achievement Award: Dr. Per Møller, Technical University Of Denmark
Recognizing his accomplishments in surface finishing technology, Dr. Per Møller received the Scientific Achievement Award for persons who have contributed to the advancement of the theory and practice of electroplating, metal finishing and the allied arts. .

NASF President Paul Brancato, Dr. Per Moller and NASF Awards Chairman Tony Revier

Awards Of Merit: Betty Lou Mueller, Frank Dunigan and Nancy Zapata
Awards of Merit are given to members of the industry who show meritorious service and achievement on both the local and national levels. The three recipients this year are:

  • Frank Dunigan, A Brite Co., for his contribution to NASF through Sur/Fin as an exhibitor, corporate member and NASF 1000 contributor, and his regular participation in the Dallas branch of the AESF for many years.
  • Betty Lou Mueller, Florida Finishers Corp., for her support of all activities within the organization, including planning and execution of the annual Mid-Winter Finishers Conference.
  • Nancy Zapata, Control Electropolishing, for her work in the industry over the past 26 years and for establishing the company as a Minority Woman’s Business Enterprise. She has also been training her daughters to take over the company and has provided a foothold for women to be part of the surface finishing industry.


NASF Fellows: Ling Hao, Yinlun Huang, J. Kelly Mowry, Dr. Alan Rose, Donald Snyder, David Marsh, Jerry Wahlin and Joelie Zak
The NASF Fellow is an award that recognizes outstanding service, contribution and long-standing commitment to the NASF/AESF for the advancement of the best interest of the surface finishing industry. It is modeled after the AESF Fellow, which was established in 1997. Receiving the award this year are:

  • Ling Hao, Lacks Enterprises
  • Yinlun Huang, Wayne State University
  • David Marsh, Marsh Plating Corp.
  • J. Kelly Mowry, Gull Industries
  • Dr. Alan Rose, Corrdesa LLC
  • Donald Snyder, Retired
  • Jerry Wahlin, AAA Plating & Inspection
  • Joelie Zak, Scientific Control Labs Inc.

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