Consider Additive Manufacturers if Short on Parts

Disrupted supply chains are just one more effect of the coronavirus pandemic. These 3D printing service providers are ready to help fill production gaps with parts, tooling and prototypes. 


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The coronavirus pandemic is now having an effect on daily life in the United States. Many states are implementing emergency measures, postponing elections, closing restaurants and other gathering places, and asking citizens to adhere to social distancing guidelines. In the additive manufacturing world, we’ve seen travel restrictions, businesses limiting visitors and reducing numbers of on-site staff, and AMUG and RAPID postponed.

But for many U.S. companies, production needs to continue — in spite of new personnel restrictions and in light of potential supply chain challenges that may be ongoing. OEMs and businesses that can’t receive parts or don’t have access to tooling to make products in the U.S. could face shortages and experience production gaps, on top of everything else. 

Fortunately, 3D printing can be part of the solution. A 3D printer requires only the file (which can cross borders easily) and the right material to make a part. There is no tooling necessary, and therefore no retooling. It may not be a 1-1 match for the original part, but 3D printing can be a speedy, local solution to potential supply chain gaps. 

If you need parts, tooling or prototypes, consider reaching out to a 3D printing service provider near you. Many of these companies have reverse engineering capabilities to help even if the needed item is a spare or broken component. Additive Manufacturing has a supplier directory that includes parts and tooling services; I recently used this data to create a public Google Map that shows service providers across the United States. You can access the map here or embedded below.

(Fill out this form to add yourself/company to the map. I will update the map with new information as frequently as I can.)

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