New Coating Could Make iPhones Waterproof Without A Case

Liquipel claims to make smartphones water resistant by bonding it inside and out with a "nano" coating which repels water


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Liquipel, a southern California based company that has specialized in researching and developing innovative coatings for the past five years, has launched a new product it says will coat an iPhone and other electronic devices and make them water resistant inside and out.
The news is picking up steam across the U.S., and many Apple and Android phone users look for ways to protect their pricey devices from getting wet and ruined. But here’s the catch: you send your phone to Liquipel and a check for $59 and they’ll coat it and send it back.
“While I certainly am not rushing to send in my iPhone before proof surfaces, time will tell if this is as great an invention as Liquipel makes it out to be,” says Harrison Weber, a writer for Thenextweb.com in New York. “In all seriousness, any remote possibility that this coating actually works would revolutionize the entire consumer electronics industry.”
Liquipel was founded in 2011 by Danny McPhail and Kevin Bacon, who say their product is not a case, but a nano-sized coating that protects the device's circuitry in the event of accidental water exposure. It does not inhibit any of the functionality of your device.

See for yourself in the video: