New software helps designers pick "eco-friendly' finishes

Granta Design software helps products designers look at considerations of finishing processes such as painting, electroplating, and powder coating.
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Granta Design has launched "Eco Materials Adviser" full version software, a sustainable design tool currently that will help product designers choose the right "green" finish for a product.

Autodesk Inventor Eco Materials Adviser helps designers to estimate a product’s environmental impact and to make more sustainable design decisions. The full version, available for purchase from Granta later this year, will enable users to analyze larger assemblies, to study materials options in more depth, and to account for a wider range of contributions to environmental impact.

Using the Eco Materials Adviser, currently a designer can quickly generate an eco impact analysis for a product part or assembly within Autodesk Inventor. An easy-to-read dashboard display shows key indicators such as energy usage, restricted substances, CO2 footprint, water usage, and materials cost. Any Autodesk Inventor user can interactively explore the sustainability impact of changes in materials choice or the design of their digital prototype.

The Full Version will enable more in-depth analyses, specifically it will account for the eco impact of the complete product lifecycle – raw materials, manufacture, transport, use, and disposal – and will add "consideration of finishing processes such as painting, electroplating, and powder coating," according to Granta.

You can get information about it HERE