NSA Industries Expands in Groveton

Fabicator and powder coater St. Johnsbury, Vermont is expanding operations to Groveton, New Hampshire and bringing at least 40 new jobs to a 73,000-square-foot facility.


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Fabricator and powder coater NSA Industries in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, is expanding operations to Groveton, New Hampshire, and bringing at least 40 new jobs to a 73,000-square-foot facility at a former paper mill.

As NSA Industries considered expanding to Groveton, the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) and New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) worked to help the company address its workforce needs, hosting two job fairs coordinated by the NHES Berlin office that attracted approximately 300 job applicants. In addition, DRED worked to facilitate contact between NSA Industries and the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority, which is assisting with financing for the facility.

"This is great news and I thank NSA Industries for choosing to expand in Groveton," said state Senator Jeff Woodburn. "For far too long, we have seen manufacturing jobs leave us in the North Country, but today's announcement shows that we can bring good-paying manufacturing jobs back to our region."

Founded in 1982 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont by Neal S. Austin, NSA Industries grew from its initial customer, the manufacturer of the Garden Way Garden Cart, to the only metal fabrication, machining and powder coating operation of its kind in Northern New England. It is now owned by a small group of shareholders and management.



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