Paint Pockets Offering Free Trial Of Filters

See The Video! Shops must complete an online form and they will receive a supply of filters to try from a Paint Pockets distrubutor.
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Paint Pockets is offering a free trial of its filters to new and current customers. Shops must complete an online form at paintpockets.com and they will receive a supply of filters to try from a Paint Pockets distrubutor.


Prior to starting the test, shops make sure to take a digital photo of their current filter in their spray booth and submit it to Paint Pockets. Once the test is completed successfully, it is time to ask for the "Zipper" Mounting System pieces to set up the conversion of your booth. Shops  can contact Paint Pockets to provide a CAD drawing of your booth to show how the conversion is achieved and a detailed parts list with instructions for installation.  


Once the conversion is complete, shops must take "after" photo to qualify for the conversion Bounty and fill out their Bounty Release Form.


Shops then send their two digital photographs and the Bounty Release Form to their distributor, and they will request from Paint Pockets the 50 percent reduction on the "Zipper" Mounting System. This Bounty is available if a shop has a single booth or are a large plant that has multiple booths.


Current Paint Pockets users are also eligible for the Bounty Program. Simply take a before and after digital photo of your booth and turn in the release form to qualify for the Bounty.


Check out this video about installing the "Zipper" Mounting System.




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