PaintExpo Eurasia in Turkey to host 100 firms

100 companies from 13 countries will attend premiere show


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More than 100 companies from 13 countries will attend the premiere of PaintExpo Eurasia at the Expo Center in Istanbul, Turkey in October.
The event will be held from October 6 to 8, and will host a range of products from exhibitors who cover the complete process chain of industrial coating technology. It will take place parallel to TurkCoat, a trade fair for paints and chemicals.
Organizers say the main focus of the trade fair is on solutions for improving quality, cost effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. The latter aspect is especially important in view of the EU twinning project, to control and reduce industrial volatile organic compounds emissions in Turkey, which started on August 4.
The exhibits include products and services concerned with wet painting, powder coating, coil coating, and covers everything from pretreatment through to final inspection.
Organizers say it is designed to provide job shops and in-house painting companies with solutions to improve quality and cost-effectiveness, as well as increase flexibility, environmental and occupational safety regarding painting and coating processes.
A topic of current interest especially in Turkey is the tightening up of environmental protection laws for painting processes and partly due to the new EU twinning project TR 09 IB EN 01 “Controlling industrial VOC emissions”. In the project, Germany is helping Turkey to achieve its aim of preventing or significantly reducing the emission of VOC, in order to protect the environment and human health, a statement said.
The exhibitors at the show will supply detailed information about the stricter environmental and occupational safety laws and provide solutions to enable industries to fulfill future requirements. Among others, this includes painting systems that enable VOC emissions to be reduced to the new EU level.
Application-related solutions will be also presented which, through being more efficient, further contribute towards environmentally friendlier and more cost effective painting processes.
For information, please visit paintexpo.com.tr