Parts Cleaning Trends Take Front Seat at PMTS 2019


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The parts cleaning exhibitors at this year’s edition of Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) in Cleveland, Ohio, April 2-4, provide products to the industry such as ultrasonic cleaning systems, chemical solvents and cleaning fluids, drying systems, rust preventatives, cleanliness analysis microscopes, oil skimmers and much more. To get a feel for the current hot topics in parts cleaning prior to the show, I asked several of the exhibitors what attendees should expect the show “buzz” to be as well as their thoughts and insights about the show and conference.

I discovered that most of these industry professionals I contacted for the article, “PMTS 2019 Parts Cleaning Segment Focuses on Demand for Cleaner Parts,” said their customers are asking about how to achieve cleaner parts during this time of transition to increasingly stringent regulations.

I also learned that safe cleaning chemistries are important to companies that need to clean their machined parts.

Read more about these industry trends and others as well as what to expect to see from the parts cleaning exhibitors at PMTS 2019 here. You will also find as an agenda of the Parts Cleaning Conference that coincides with PMTS in the article, or by visiting partscleaningevent.com

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