Parts2Clean Show Addresses New Cleaning Challenges

Global trends such as electromobility, lightweight construction, Industry 4.0, sustainability and more at show Oct. 24-26 in Stuttgart, Germany.
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It’s the same for the car industry, the component supply industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, aviation, precision engineering and microengineering, optics, electronics and many other sectors of modern industry: The purpose of industrial parts cleaning is to ensure the necessary degree of cleanliness required for subsequent processing operations, or for the long-term, trouble-free functioning of the given part or component.

As such, properly cleaned parts bring added value to the industrial manufacturing process. Global trends such as electromobility, lightweight construction, Industry 4.0, sustainability, smaller production runs due to increasing customization, and the onward march of globalization are posing new challenges for businesses all over the world—including those specializing in industrial parts and surface cleaning. All these issues will be prominently featured at the next parts2clean show, which runs from October 24 to 26 in Stuttgart, Germany.

“The exhibitors at parts2clean will be presenting cleaning solutions that deliver consistent results economically and efficiently, enabling manufacturers to meet the requisite standards for the cleanliness of industrial parts—not only for now, but also for the long term,” says Olaf Daebler, global director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. 

The products and systems on display at the 15th Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning help users of industrial cleaning technology to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace—as a brief glance at the lineup of exhibitors makes clear. Among the 150-plus companies that had already booked their space by mid-March 2017, nearly all are the major market players and technology leaders represented in each of show’s display categories.

“We are very pleased about the industry’s enthusiastic response,” says Daebler. “Moving the show back to its autumn time slot was definitely the right decision.”

For information, visit parts2clean.de.



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