PCI announces COATING 2012 in St. Louis

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PCI to go solo on coatings show after two years with NACE


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 After working with NACE for two years to merge the industrial coatings world with the performance coatings world, the Powder Coating Institute has decided to present their own event, COATING 2012 in St. Louis, Oct. 9-11.
"The NAI Coating show was moderately successful but PCI felt this combination did not have the broad appeal our exhibitors and attendees were looking for," says Rodger Talbert, PCI executive director. "Therefore, PCI and NACE have agreed to end the North American Industrial Coatings Show."
Talbert said based on feedback from PCI members and other exhibitors, PCI is excited to return to hosting their coating show.
"We are excited about the event and location and we want to do things that have not been done at any previous industrial coating events," he says. "This event will have a fresh, new look and feel with an emphasis on increased attendee participation. We have listened to the input of our exhibitors and attendees and we are actively incorporating these suggestions and ideas into the exhibit timing and program content."


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