PCI Executive Director Rodger Talbert Steps Down

Leaving June 1; also giving up role as PCI Technical Director.
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Rodger Talbert is stepping down June 1 as the Powder Coating Institute’s Executive Director. Talbert, who was named Executive Director in April 2011, is also resigning from his role as the PCI Technical Director.
“I have really enjoyed my work at PCI,” says Talbert, who is also a columnist for Products Finishing magazine. “I believe in my work at the association and am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work here.”
Talbert says he feels like PCI is on a great path.
“We have accomplished a lot that I am very excited about … in many respects I am sad to leave,” he says.
According to Talbert, he has some independent projects that he began prior to taking the helm at PCI but that he feels are still not finished.
“There are things I would like to accomplish but I am somewhat limited if I stay working for a nonprofit,” he says. “I could have waited a year or two from now, but what am I waiting for? I am not getting any younger so if I want to make these things happen, it’s time to get on it.”
Talbert says he thinks the timing is good.
“I feel like PCI is in good hands with its staff and that they will do very well without me.”
Bob Cregg, president of the PCI board of directors, says that the association has formed a search committee to find Talbert’s replacement. In the interim, Ken Kreeger and Dave Lurie will be taking a team approach to help run the association.
Kreeger, who has served as PCI’s interim executive director in the past, will manage the responsibilities of PCI’s headquarters in Texas. Lurie, with 31 years at BNP Media, a leading business-to-business publisher, will be responsible for managing trade show and magazine activities.
Cregg says that the Board is excited about all that has been accomplished under Talbert’s direction and is looking forward to continuing in that positive direction into the future.


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