Perceptive Industries Partners With Ernst Reinhardt GmbH

German manufacturer of zinc flake coating systems, slush molding and industrial ovens, has formed a technical alliance with Perceptive Industries Inc. from Michigan.
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Ernst Reinhardt GmbH (Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany), a manufacturer of zinc flake coating systems, slush molding and industrial ovens, has formed a technical alliance with Perceptive Industries Inc. from Plainwell, Michigan.


Perceptive Industries manufactures industrial ovens and pollution control equipment (thermal oxidizers).  Dean Decker, vice president at Perceptive Industries, says the alliance will enableReinhardt to have a North American location and provide an immediate response to customers for local service, spare parts and support.


“We are excited to work with Reinhardt,” Decker says. “We see a great opportunity to work closely with Reinhardt in these markets not only in the support of their equipment but also targeted manufacturing of certain system elements that improve the competitiveness of these products in North America.”


Christoph Aust, head of sales for Reinhardt, says his company is proud of all the efforts creating this alliance.


“This will enable our company to provide a complete solution and give our customers the confidence that support is local and our response is immediate,” Aust says.


For information, please visit perceptiveindustries.com


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