Plating & Finishing Class Offered by Art Center

Community center offers to teach residents about finishing


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Art imitates real life as the Evanston (IL) Art Center will hold a special class for residents who want to understand the finer details of plating and metal finishing.

“Metal Finishing: Modern Patination and Preservation” is a three-day class offered in December to residents who want to know how metal gets its great finish. The center already offers metal sculpting classes.

“This multi-level class is open to any student who wants hands-on instruction with metal finishes,” the center says. “Topics discussed will include natural and accelerated coloration techniques such as patinas, pigments, dyes, and preserving your work with clear coats.”

Chemical safety and application methods will be covered in detail in the class. The center says the workshop will focus on finishes and the tools associated with finishes only, but no hot work or grinding.

“Students are encouraged to bring actual completed works)to be finished in class, or purchase metal (plain steel, copper, brass, and bronze) to be used as samples,” the center says. “Students will be required to have a respirator good for organic chemicals and acid gases.”

Please refer to supply list for purchasing information. All other basic supplies will be provided for tabletop-scale work; larger works or multiple pieces may incur additional material fee. No experience necessary.

The fee is $165. Interested? Go to evanstonartcenter.org/school/metal-finishing-modern-patination-and-preservation.

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