Workshops Promote Best Practices for Powder Coating

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The two-day workshops, sponsored by Gema, DuBois and Vogel Industrial Coatings, will be held August 14-15 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and November 13-14 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gema, DuBois and Vogel Industrial Coatings are sponsoring two-day workshops designed to teach best practices for modern powder coating: one August 14-15 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and a second November 13-14 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

With instruction by experts in the powder coating industry, this workshops will cover topics such as:

  • Powder chemistry and selection
  • Pretreatment best practices
  • Application issues and maintenance
  • Oven and curing strategies
  • Troubleshooting, quality control and tricks of the trade.

For information, visit powdercoatingworkshop.com.

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