PPG Chromate-Free Primer, Pretreatment on Boeing Next-Generation 737, and VIDEO

A chromate-free metal pretreatment and an exterior decorative primer are now standard on Boeing Next-Generation 737 production airplanes. Watch video of the 737 being built in 3 minutes!


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A chromate-free metal pretreatment and a chromate-free exterior decorative primer from PPG Industries’ aerospace coatings group are now standard on Boeing Next-Generation 737 production airplanes, PPG says.


Desogel EAP-9 metal pretreatment and Desoprime CF/CA 7502 epoxy primer by PPG Aerospace is being used on qualified topcoats on Boeing Next-Generation 737 airplanes.
Kevin Brooks, PPG Aerospace global segment manager for original-equipment coatings said airlines are also requesting primers with a non-chromated pretreatment for Boeing 767 and 777 widebodies.

Watch the Boeing 737 being built:



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