Precision Machining Industry Comes Together to Save Lives

PMPA member shops offered their capabilities to help the healthcare industry in its desperate need of ventilators for coronavirus patients. 


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The coronavirus crisis has turned everyone’s world upside-down, and the precision machining industry is doing its part to right it. Healthcare is desperate for enough ventilators to serve the current and potential coronavirus patients; those life-saving ventilators have at least 35 precision machined parts in them.

The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) received a package of the prints for ventilator parts and reached out to its membership to gather the capabilities of its precision machining shops, asking if they have the capability, the time and the resources to produce any or all of these parts.

PMPA Teamwork

The shops answered “Yes.” PMPA now has a list of all the member shops capable of mobilizing to make ventilator parts and has submitted it to GM, FEMA and other known ventilator producers so that the companies that need the parts to build the ventilators know where to get them.

“Our industry came together to share our capability and capacity to produce these critically needed ventilator parts,” says Cate Smith, PMPA’s executive director. “Our members in the U.S. and Canada want to be part of this life saving solution, and we are ready to make parts now!”

Further extending its contributions to battling the coronavirus crisis, PMPA has assembled and continually updates a thorough compilation of COVID-19 resources to help shops stay on top of the latest related safety guidelines, regulations and employee support ideas. The site is broken down by state to help navigate to the documents most pertinent to your needs.

PMPA is a trade association representing the interests of the precision machined products industry. While the association consists mainly of North American based manufacturers, its members also operate facilities in various industrial markets around the globe.  

Many of the files in the COVID-19 Resource Center are available to members only, but much of the information is publicly accessible and can be quite helpful. Consider joining PMPA for full access.

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