Pro Plating Hosts Manufacturing Day Students

Over 160 students attended the event which is part of an effort to change people’s perceptions about today’s manufacturing environment.
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Professional Plating and the Ariens Co. recently co-hosted Manufacturing Day in Brillion, Wisconsin.

Manufacturing Day is an annual national event designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers. Over 160 students representing six local high schools attended the event in an effort to change people’s perceptions about today’s manufacturing environment and draw attention to the outstanding opportunities that a career in manufacturing can provide. 

“There is an increasing demand for highly skilled professionals in the manufacturing sector who can design, program and operate technology; as well as problem-solve and react to the operational challenges of a fast paced work environment," Professional Plating's General Manager Larry Dietz says. “The average age of a manufacturing employee is 50 to 55 years old. Our concern is that between now and the year 2020, there will be an unprecedented number of skilled workers who will need to be replaced.”


For more information, please visit proplating.com.



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