Register for Technical Cleanliness Expert Days, Oct. 29-30

This year’s event will focus on parts cleaning concepts after production and assembly, the influence of environment and logistics on cleanliness specifications, cleanliness in assembly and in-process cleaning, and much more.


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The Technical Cleanliness Expert Days event is back again this year, this time with a two-day event, held Oct. 29-30, at the Bertram Inn and Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio (outside of Cleveland). The conference will focus on parts cleaning concepts achieving technical cleanliness limits in production and assembly, the influence of environment and logistics on cleanliness specifications, and cleanliness in assembly and in-process cleaning. Other topics include extended particle analysis for process optimization, quick methods for process monitoring and human influences and guidelines.

Speakers include Markus Roessler, vice president of Glaeser Inc.; Peter

conference attendees during presentation

Technical Cleanliness Expert Day 2018 focused on technical cleanliness concepts and establishing production and assembly cleanliness standards.

Feamster, product management director at Jomesa North America Inc.; Dominik Schlipf at Continental Automotive Group; Trip Textoris at Vernick & Associates; Mirco Nowak at TopQM; John Filip, account manager at Ecoclean, and more.

Registration cost is $395 per person, which includes catered lunch on Oct. 29, cocktail reception and buffet dinner on Oct. 29, refreshments/snacks during break times, presentation handouts and product displays.

To register for the event, email Peter Feamster at Jomesa or email Markus Roessler at Glaeser Inc. by Oct. 7.

Darren Williams giving presentation

Darren Williams Ph.D., professor of chemistry at Sam Houston State University, thoroughly explains what surface, soil, solvent, safety and sustainability have to do with sufficient parts cleaning during last year’s event.

Production Machining and Products Finishing are the media partners for this event.

For more information about Technical Cleanliness Expert Days, click here.

For a round up article on last year’s event, read, “Conference Focuses on Cleanliness Concepts and Standards.”


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